Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The New Job

I have a new job.  I've actually had it since early June and I've alluded to it many times.  I'll be honest, that I have struggled with weather or not I should share it.  It's not that it is a place to be ashamed of, or that I have anything to hide; it's just to me it's a really big deal and I want everything to be perfect!  However, its a bit of a work in progress....

 The French owned, American/English style cafe with an Australian name

Its the first time I've been on my own, I'm the sole pastry maker.  I'm in charge, but only of myself.  Being able to decide the menu, create new pastries and see the joy in customers faces when they take a bite is the best reward.  Having no one to fall back on and no one else to blame if things don't go right or don't get done, except myself, is the ultimate motivator. It is also at times a bit nerve wracking. Having to train a very gifted barista staff on the care and handling of pastries, when their first devotion is to the coffee, is yet another challenge. Things are not always as I want them to be. Here is your chance to watch me grow like never before. 

 One of the "perks" of working in a cafe- Great Coffee first thing in the morning

I've never been terribly impressed with the coffee offering at standard cafes in Paris.  A quick glance at the menu board the first time I passed Kooka Boora was what drew me in.  Cafe Latte in Paris? Maybe they will have soy milk too!  And they did.  I'm now so spoiled by the coffee there, that my home Nespresso maker lets me down.  Thankfully Kooka Boora is just a short walk away for me. Makes my daily commute nice as well. 

That's a pretty robust list of drinks

 If you're not in the mood for coffee, there is great fresh juice

If you stand in just the right place, you get a little peek of a Montmarte treasure

Each day you can find a selection of fresh muffins, cakes, scones and cookies to accompany your choice of drink.  The favorites appear to be the regular Chocolate Chip Cookie and the Cheesecake Brownie that makes an occasional surprise appearance.  Our list of pastries stay mostly on the English/Australian/American side, but I'm slowing trying to sneak in a little French flavor and style. Soon there will be some savory items joining the line up.

The Pastry Case by Yours Truly

 Like most French cafes, there is a terrace for outdoor lounging, 
now if only we could get some good weather!

If you're in Paris, stop by and check it out.  And if you see an employee overworking the muffins, or unevenly cutting the cheesecake, please let me know! :)

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Leah said...

Congratulations Jenni! That sounds like a wonderful job. I'm so glad you finally get to make your own creations.